Adventuring in Shanghai

Nighttime photo of the European waterfront in Shanghai called the Bund

Photo credit goes to Ashley Hung, this awesome girl from HK I met in my hostel here in Shanghai who has graciously offered me her photos from the areas I didn’t go to!

I am really excited to talk about my trip so far in Shanghai. I am probably about to describe what sounds like a boring time in a foreign city, but for me it has been awesome. I have been in Shanghai for two days now and all I have done is eat at different restaurants, walk around and visit a museum.

Granted I have walked all round the bund area and seen the beauty of the water side, but mostly I have been looking for the food this city has to offer and I have not been disappointed. I really wanted to try soup dumplings while I am here, but the restaurant I wanted isn’t open this week due to repairs and the rest of them are expensive and I am low on funds. That is the negative side of travel I have discovered. On my way to Shanghai everything that could go wrong did and the budget I set fell apart.

Unfortunately taxis can get expensive, buses can leave early and ferries can sell out. I think what makes travel both stressful and fun about travel is trying to figure out what to do after it all falls apart. So my plans in Shanghai had been to explore the different museums and art districts. But as my funds are low I had to stick to the free museum which was awesome, and spend more time looking for cheap delicious food rather than admiring art.

I have enjoyed my restful time here just exploring what it is like to live here and most of these last two days have been my walking around just looking. I also spent a portion of this afternoon enjoying Tibetan food while reading a book. I think that if this were a city that I wouldn’t be going to in future then I would be more focused on seeing everything but I know that I will be back here one day. I really like Shanghai, it is a great blend of western and Chinese culture and just enough technology to be comfortable. I want to work here in the future and so I am happy to rest the two days I am here and then go full force in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

One negative to touch on though is the fact I can’t use my computer. It had a kernel panic and is basically a very expensive paperweight until I get back home for my dad to fix it. That means that all in depth photos will have to wait until later. My iPad is working well enough though so I am glad I have it.

When I am able to post photos I will recap everything I ate and talk more about the food I had. Definitely check back later for that!

Heather Lana

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