Who Is This?

Welcome! My name is Lindsey (more affectionately known as Elle at my new Uni) and I am junior (ish) transfer student at UNC Chapel Hill. I am an alumnae of the wonderful women of Delta Phi Epsilon and I live and breath coffee and cheesecake.

Last February I returned from the journey of a lifetime studying radio and feature writing at Sheffield Hallam University in England. Since then, my love for broadcast media has sparked. {Sheffield is a wonderful lil’ city that has more trees than people and is roughly 2 hours north of London by tube}

After my time studying in England, I took a month and a half to adventure solo around Europe. I have yet to experience anything as wonderful since; but that does not mean I will stop searching.

From Guam to California to Georgia, I am eternally in love with travel and culture and cannot wait to share my experiences! Music is my addiction, getting lost in the woods is a pleasure, and any water sport is my love. I miss English flapjacks and cider everyday, but I know this is still just the beginning of my journey.

Come follow me on my adventures:

Twitter: @lindseykehres

Instagram: lkehres7